Ottawa New Horizons Band

Ottawa New Horizons Band

Music for life

Ottawa New Horizons Band

Ottawa New Horizons Band

General Overview

Who we are

The ONHB helps adults learn or re-learn a musical instrument in a fun social environment. We are a group of about 200 adults who come together to play music in a supportive and fun environment, in various bands, led by experienced professional musicians.

Some of our participants are playing an instrument for the first time, some are playing an instrument they have never played before and some are re-connecting with an instrument they have not played in years. We never hold auditions and our motto is “Your best is good enough”.

Curious about which band to join? Check out our list of concert and jazz bands. There is a music level for everyone!


We play various types of music, including marches, classical, folk, jazz, rock and musical theatre. With some exceptions (eg. percussion) band members need to bring an instrument. For those undecided about which instrument to play or who want to learn more about our bands, we host an information night every spring.


Rehearsals are once a week. For the first few weeks of the fall and winter sessions, the weekly practice may be divided into instrument clinics led by experienced musicians for one hour and full band for one hour (with a short break in between).  The latter weeks of the session are spent in full band rehearsal.


At the end of each session, our bands generally play for family, friends and sometimes the general public. Occasionally, some bands may play at schools, seniors residences, or other locations if opportunities arise.