ONHB Virtual Bands

Fall 2022 Session

This page provides information about the virtual bands and some tips for installing and configuring the Zoom and Jamulus applications.

Listening Links for past sessions can always be found on the For Members page.


Key Information Applying to All Virtual Band Rehearsals

  • Dates: Eleven consecutive rehearsals beginning September 20 and running to December 6, with October 18 off
  • Time: 7:00-8:00 p.m.
  • Location: Zoom meeting online; participants will receive an invitation by band leaders’ email prior to the beginning of each weekly Zoom meeting
  • Fees: The fee will be $90 per band
  • Refunds: Withdrawal must take place before the third week to receive a full refund minus a $25 administrative charge
  • Registration: Registration for the Fall 2022 virtual session will be open until September 6.
  • Music: Links to the printable music parts will be sent to registrants by the band leaders the week before rehearsals begin


Band Descriptions

Intermediate Jazz Band (Band Leader – Cathy Wilcox)
Tuesdays  7:00-8:00 p.m.
September 20 – December 6

Enjoy a variety of music, both in style and level of difficulty, from classic big band, swing, Motown, funk and rock. This band is appropriate for musicians with at least one year of experience. Pianists should play at RCM level grade 7+.

  1. Just in Time (Count Basie – arr Murtha)
  2. Time after Time (Sweeney)
  3. Don’t Know Why (Sweeney)
  4. Thriller (Murtha)
  5. Oh Chanukah (R. Hirsch)
  6. Summertime (Sweeney) – click “sample audio” for the music track

Review piece from past session:
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (arr. J Berry)

Challenge piece:
Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is? (Chicago, arr M Taylor)


Intermediate Concert Band (Band Leader – Colin Williamson)
Tuesdays  7:00-8:00 p.m.
September 20 – December 6

This Zoom band will offer an optional add-on audio stream component provided by Jamulus. See below to learn more.

  1. Choose Joy  (R Standridge)
  2. A Kind and Gentle Soul  (J Swearingen)
  3. The Genius of Ray Charles  (arr. M Brown)
  4. Highlights from Mary Poppins  (arr. T Ricketts)
  5. Jimmy Buffet: The Hits  (arr. P Rozell)
  6. The Bare Necessities  (arr. P Murtha)
  7. A Song For Friends  (L Daehn)
  8. Gabriel’s Oboe  (arr. R Longfield)
  9. Ode To a Flash Mob  (arr. J Brubaker)
  10. The Peanut Vendor  (arr. J Moss)
  11. Camino del Sol  (S Hodges)



How to Participate in Virtual Band Rehearsals

  1. All rehearsals will be conducted online via the Zoom app.
  2. Members will need to install the Zoom app ahead of time. See below for some tips on installing and configuring Zoom.
  3. Members will be expected to download and print their music from a link provided by their band leader.
  4. Typically, band leaders will conduct while playing an MP3 recording of the music. All players will be muted and so won’t be able to hear what others are playing.

Tips for Installing and Configuring Zoom


  • Zoom is available for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.
  • Ensure that you have downloaded and installed the most recent update.
  • For tablets and smartphones, visit the corresponding app store.
  • For laptop and desktop computers, visit the Zoom download page.

Tips for Participating in an ONHB Zoom Rehearsal

  • Setting yourself up:
    • Find a quiet place to set up, with a strong WiFi signal (or use an Ethernet cable if you have one to connect to your router). Place your music stand where you can still see your bandleader on the Zoom screen while playing your instrument.
    • Use headphones/earphones for the best audio experience.
    • Click on the Zoom meeting link that you received from your band leader and follow the prompts to join the meeting.
  • During the Zoom rehearsal:
    • Familiarise yourself with the buttons on the bottom of your Zoom screen, particularly with the mute, video and chat options. It is generally recommended to mute your mic when first joining – your band leader will guide you further on this. You have the option to select whether your video is on or off during rehearsal. For more info on Zoom controls, click here.
    • Your band leader will control the music link, allowing you to play along while muted. He/she will not hear you play, nor will the other band members.
    • If you have questions during rehearsal, please use the Chat button.
    • Optional resource: Top 10 Tips for Good Zoom Hygiene and Etiquette in Education


Don’t hesitate to ask for help with any of this. Contact your band leader or email info@ottawanewhorizons.com.


Tips for Installing and Configuring Jamulus

If you join Colin Williamson’s band you will have an optional add-on audio stream component provided by Jamulus.

How will this band be different from the regular Zoom bands?
This is still going to be a regular Zoom band at its core. Everyone can participate using Zoom only. Colin will conduct while streaming a professional audio recording of the music. All players will be muted and will not be able to hear what others are playing. The band leader will not hear any of the performers.

So, what is Jamulus? It is free software, which provides audio with relatively low latency, and allows musicians to play together and hear each other in real time. For those who are interested in hearing and playing along with others, Jamulus is a good option. The band leader will still push the audio recording to the Jamulus users and will also be able to hear all Jamulus musicians. In order to participate using Jamulus, musicians will require a few key components:

  • Computer or laptop (NOT a phone or tablet)
  • Wired internet connection using an ethernet cable with a strong internet service (NOT wifi)
  • External microphone
  • Wired headphones (NOT earbuds with built-in mic)

After downloading and installing Jamulus, it will be important to get your sound equipment set up and working prior to the start of rehearsals. There is lots of information on the Jamulus website, including instructions for Windows, Mac and Linux users. More detailed information will be provided to those who sign up for this band, including a tutorial or technical help ahead of time.

If you would like more information prior to signing up, please contact Jackie Scheffel at jscheffel@ottawanewhorizons.com.