2016-02-02 January Report

Ottawa New Horizons Band Steering Committee

Report to members January 2016

As most of you will know, it has been agreed by the ONHB Steering Committee that matters discussed or decided at the Committee’s meetings, insofar as they may be of general interest to band members, should be reported in summarized form following the Committee’s meetings. The ONHB Steering Committee meets three times a year – in January, May and August/September. At the meeting held on January 6, 2016 the following matters were dealt with:

1. Online facility for payment of registration fees through PayPal is now in place. The possibility of facilitating etransfers is also being investigated.

2. The policy/procedure information binder to support band directors and to assist new band directors is now in use.

3. Each band appoints a band rep, responsible for representing the band’s members on the Steering Committee. The formal role of these band members is being considered and will be explained more precisely in a paper now being prepared for review at the next meeting. Informal arrangements are also made in each band to provide volunteer assistance to the band director, but these are not necessarily the responsibility of the band reps.

4. A draft proposal related to the management of the spring extension sessions was considered and accepted in principle. It provides for the financial administration to be the responsibility of the ONHB itself, while the general planning and management will be the responsibility of the volunteers for each group. Individual groups may opt not to participate, in which case they will accept full responsibility for their management.

5. Various s
ub-committees are working to investigate areas of interest:
◦Updating our website and considering options such as a closed Facebook group as a sharing tool for interested members.
◦Updating the all-member survey and considering how it should be used and shared.
◦Planning the May 13th Event.

(if you have a keen interest in any of these areas you are invited to send your comments and suggestions to Cathy at catherine.wilcox@onhb-fs-septdec2015sympatico.ca).

6. Coming events;
•Our Spring concert will take place on Sunday, April 3rd, at 3:00 p.m. so mark your calendars!
•May Event – we shall be hosting our usual May Event on Saturday, May 14th. The Potsdam NHB will be attending and we hope that the Montreal NHB will also be joining us. Highlights will include two exciting concert band clinics and guest director Mark Ferguson, returning to lead a Jazz Clinic.

See attached pie chart.