2014-10-02 October Report

Ottawa New Horizons Band Steering Committee

Report to members September 2014

As most of you will know, it has been agreed by the ONHB Steering Committee that matters discussed or decided at the Committee’s meetings, insofar as they may be of general interest to band members, should be reported in summarized form following the Committee’s meetings. The ONHB Steering Committee meets three times a year – in January, May and August. At the meeting held on August 28, 2014 the following matters were dealt with:

1. Our budgeting is normally based on ten weeks of regular rehearsals per session. Because our December concert will be later this year and to allow for rehearsals for each band near the concert date, there will be no rehearsals during the week of Remembrance Day (November10/14).

2. It was decided to give each band (and each band director) the benefit of an experienced conductor to attend one rehearsal during the session.

3. The policy for acquiring some of the larger wind instruments (in addition to percussion instruments), as funds permit, was further reviewed and a final draft will now be prepared. (Note that these instruments provide an important foundation to the band sound, but the cost to purchase or rent them can be a stumbling block to beginning musicians. In the past we have purchased two tubas, which have been of great benefit to our bands and it is intended to purchase two more, including one of a higher caliber for a more experienced player. Some modest donations for purchasing needed instruments have been received from time to time, but largely such purchases are made using accumulated surplus ONHB funds).

4. The jazz bands will rehearse at Merivale High School this session.

5. A pie chart showing how our registration fees were used in the last session is provided for your information.onhb-fs-janapr2014

6. Future events:

Our December concert will be held on Tuesday, December 9th at 7:00 p.m.

The Two Beats Ahead jazz band will be participating in a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Society on October 4th and another on

February 21st for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

We hope to hold another Swing Dance Nite in February, so stay tuned!