Winter 2018 links, MP3s and dates

Hi Jazz Banders – the winter session is off to a great start!

Our Music Links

Here are some ways to listen to the music we have for this term. Below are links to listen to them online, and further down is how to listen to them as MP3s (thanks to Yoonie for converting them):

Rhapsody in Blue
This Can’t be Love
Overjoyed – this one was started in the last term and we decided to work on it for the next concert.

Our Music MP3

If you prefer MP3’s, they’re in this Dropbox link. You do not have to join Dropbox to access them.

Did you know you can adjust the speed of MP3s without changing the pitch so that you can play along as you’re learning the piece?   Information for different systems can be found in a previous Band Note.

Dates to note
Feb 22 – clinics
Feb 15 – at Woodroffe United Church
Mar 15 – no rehearsal
Mar 22 – at Woodroffe United Church
Apr 15 – winter session end concert

ONHB Shirts
Next week will be the last chance to order ONHB shirts.  If you want to order one, please bring cash or a check – $20 cotton t-shirt, $35 poly golf shirt, $45 cotton golf shirt.

Drinks next week
Don’t forget, we’re going out to celebrate next week after rehearsal!  I’ve got a tentative reservation at the Hard Stone Grill, 1 Roydon Place (, but I will have to confirm the location at practice next week.

Happy tootling!