Welcome to the Winter 2018 Session

Hi Jazz Banders – on behalf of Paul and myself, welcome to the Winter 2018 session.   I imagine that, like me,  you are looking forward to another session of hot jazz in cool weather!  An especially warm welcome to those of you who have not played with DJB before.

A reminder that we practice on Thursday nights from 7 – 9 pm in the music room at Merivale High School starting on January 18.  If you haven’t been there before, just park in the west parking lot (runs parallel to Merivale Ave), enter by that door, take the stairs down to the basement and turn left.  You’ll hear people warming up!

Also, you may recall that we decided to take Paul out for a drink after our second practice of the upcoming session (Jan. 25).  It will be at some place close by the school (we’ve used both Barley Mow and Local Heroes before, but they’re both really noisy so I’m looking for other suggestions – what do people think about Montana’s?).  Either way, can you please let me know by email by January 18 whether you will be attending?

Paul has some great music lined up for us for this session.  I know we’ll have some fun!