Welcome to Jazz Sonic Tonic on Thursdays

Hello Jazz Musicians!

Welcome to Sonic Tonic on Thursday evenings at 7 pm, beginning October 1!  I am excited to get back to making music with you all, and hope this temporary “playing at a distance” will keep you inspired to enjoy your instrument and keep up your skills. The new music selected just for you is very playable, with four easy charts, plus four charts with featured solos which are a bit more challenging.  I suggested that you get the book “Easy Jazz Classics”, with 15 well-known jazz standards, but don’t worry if you were not able to obtain a copy.  I am providing the piece “Birdland”, which is the first tune in the book.  I only suggest that you get this book so that you can read through the pieces with a friend or two (distanced), or perhaps even a small garage band or basement combo – when the time is right. Most of our music this session can be played in a smaller combo.  We have five drummers, three piano players, and three bass guitarists who will undoubtedly be very popular when combos are able to form!  I imagine we will have many first alto, first and second trumpet, and first trombone players too – but remember – all parts are important in live performance to bring the beautiful harmonies to life!  Virtual rehearsing has many drawbacks, but isn’t it lovely to be able to play the part you choose – go ahead and print off the parts you will enjoy the most.

Prior to the rehearsal date, you and your fellow jazz musicians will receive a Zoom meeting link, and you are strongly encouraged to join the meeting early, between 6:15- 6:45 pm to check your Zoom settings and to “warm up”.

Virtual rehearsals using Zoom technology will be a new, or semi-new, experience for many musicians this fall. In order to help you prepare for our fall rehearsals, ONHB will be offering a free Zoom 101 tutorial led by Sandy Wilkes (ONHB bass guitar) on either Wednesday, September 23 OR Thursday, September 24 from 7 to 8 p.m. You are encouraged to participate in one of these Zoom tutorial sessions. Please email directly to sign up for a session.

Please note that the ONHB Virtual Bands information on the website has been updated in the past few days to include additional information and instructions related to Zoom rehearsals for all band members. Please see the ONHB Virtual Bands and Zoom Instructions page and take a few minutes to review this updated information before rehearsals begin.

The link to the music for all four bands was provided in an email from me to band participants between Sept 15 and 27.  You will need to print the music for your instrument from the Jazz Sonic Tonic folder.

*** Clarinet players may choose any Bb treble clef part, but you will probably want the trumpet 1 and 2, and perhaps the tenor sax 1 part. ***Baritone/euphonium players who play in bass clef will probably enjoy trombone 4, but any trombone part works!

Four Main Charts:   Birdland, Blue Skies, Isn’t She Lovely, Sunny Side of the Street

Solos featured (extra challenge charts)  Cute (drum), Easy Does It (trumpet), Shallow (alto), Splanky (piano) – (also available in e-music from Alfred Publishing)

See you soon!