Week 9 update for March 22, 2018

This Week’s Rehearsal

Angela announced the winners of our vote for our concert pieces.  We will be playing John Williams:  Movie Adventures; Fanfare for the Common Man; and Summertime.  If there is enough time we could also play Earth, Wind and Fire, although this is not likely.  The order will be 1. Fanfare for the Common Man;  2. Earth, Wind and Fire (if we play it);  3. Summertime and  4. John Williams: Movie Adventures.

For our community concert we will definitely be playing Celebrating My Three Best Friends, Angel, and West Side Story.  We will likely be playing Hail the Conquering Hero and You Must Know and either French Canadian Suite or Three Folk Miniatures.  We will not be playing Riu, Riu, Chiu.

We started our rehearsal with clinics and focused on the pieces that we’ll be playing at our spring concert.

In full rehearsal we began with Fanfare for the Common Man.  At bar 24, make sure to look at Angela as the entry at this point is a bit tricky.   Remember to count and watch the transitions from 4/4 to 3/4 time.  We then played Summertime.  At bar 6, although it says Slower, Angela will not be slowing down.  At bar 26, be sure to subdivide when you are counting as the rhythm is challenging.  At bar 35, the first beat is tied over from the previous bar for all of us.  This is a great place to take a breath. At bar 40 change the dynamic marking from mf to pp.  Finally we ran through John Williams: Movie Adventures.

Our homework for this coming week is to pay attention to dynamics when we practise.

Next Rehearsal

From Angela:  Please bring ALL your music. We will be running EVERY piece we will be playing at the Embassy West so I can see where there are problem areas. We will then rehearse the tricky bits in the pieces for the main concert.


Thanks to Cathryn and Andrew for the cookies for our break this week.

Our end of session community concert will take place at Embassy West Senior Living centre at 1400 Carling Avenue, near Kirkwood.  More information on this concert will be provided in a future email.

You will be receiving an email asking for your input on which pieces we should play at our community concert. Please reply to Leslie with your preferences.

While everyone has indicated they are able to participate in the spring concert, should your circumstances change, please let both Angela and Leslie know as soon as possible.

Important Dates

Thursday April 5:  “Dress” rehearsal in the Sanctuary
Sunday April 15 at 2:00 at Woodroffe United Church:  ONHB spring concert
Thursday April 19 at 1:30:  Community concert at Embassy West Senior Living centre
Listening Links

Fanfare for the Common Man
The Sweetheart Tree
The Happy Wanderer: