Week 9: Nov 19,2019

December 15 Concert Dress: (not mandatory for the dress rehearsal, since you can wear what you like) All black with splashes of red.

Concert order:

Maya: the Lost Empire

Abide with Me

The Nutcracker March

**Please let me know if you will not be at the concert**

What we will do next week

EE: 69, 77

All pieces (work on what you feel is necessary)

Reminder: This is a teaching and learning band. We do not only learn instrument specific skills but also band and style skills. Learning to play in a group, unified and different articulations, listening, and reacting to a conductor in front of you are vital to playing an instrument in a group. Please keep this in mind for the rest of the session. All of these will help you to become a more well rounded musician!

Music room (2hours with a break in between)