Week 8 nov 6, 2018

Well done everyone on all of your hard work! We are beginning to work on the fine tuning in pieces. I still do not have the final order for the pieces, but we will try a few on the 20th (remember no rehearsal next week!)

Essential elements: 34, 43, 45 working on Staccato and slowly by surely increasing the tempo, 49 working on how to practice a difficult pattern. The key is to set yourself up for success whether that means playing something 1/2 speed or 1/4 or just one note at a time. This will help build your muscle memory

Jamaican holiday: Remember that at the end of each movement I will keep my arms up, fill my page, and start the next movement. Be Ready! If  you do not play at the beginning of a movement, you can put your instrument down. In mvt 1 we worked on staccato where there is space before and after the note to create a more detached style.

Barrage: This piece is weird and a little eccentric, but I like odd pieces! The piece layers different rhythm and melodic patterns onto one another to create a barrage of sound. Please be mindful of the accents, and which part is new. The new part(s) should be heard over the rest of the piece, so play under it.

In all of the pieces, start to incorporate the dynamics to get the full dramatic effect of the piece.

Listening Links:

Jamaican Holiday 1: 108bpm, 2: 86bpm, 3: 112bpm

Barrage: 120-144bpm

Jurassic park: 108bpm