Week 8 March 19,2019

We did not do Music from brave at this rehearsal but we worked on Slavonic dance, Fire’s Edge, and Land of the Pharaohs. Please count carefully for all of these and remember to look up for the tempo changes.

Slavonic dance is coming along great! we are well up/over the speed, just keep the quarter notes short and light to keep the piece moving. Don’t get stuck on the half notes so we all stay together.

Land of the Pharaohs: we did take some of the sections slightly slower or slightly faster so that we could work on them and aim for success. I will show you the tempo changes, but you will only see it if you look up!

Fire’s Edge: we need to keep the speed for this one. It is quick and lively so keep moving through the long notes.

Practice strategies:

  • Karaoke with the recordings below (playing along with the recording)
  • Start at a slow tempo and work your way up over the written tempo
  • add in notes where there are rests and take them out, but hear them in your head
  • Count in your head or have the tempo tapping in your head
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