Week 7 update for March 1, 2018

This Week’s Rehearsal
New music was distributed for The Happy Wanderer, The Sweetheart Tree, Fanfare for the Common Man and Summertime.  Angela plans to replace the music for Summertime with a slightly more challenging version next week.

We started our rehearsal with Edelweiss from our book Broadway Favorites to get the feel of a waltz then transitioned to The Sweetheart Tree, also a waltz.  Remember to start strong then drop to mf before bar 4 and drop to p at bar 13. At bar 68 there is a rit. (ritardando) or gradual decrease in tempo which really means watch the conductor.
Next, using Tradition of Excellence, page 43 line 1, we played the E♭ Major concert scale followed by line 2, the E♭ Major Chorale, then moved to page 42 and played the BMajor concert scale followed by the Chorale.  This exercise helps us get used to dropping (or adding) sharps and flats when we move from one key to another. We then played Summertime, in concert B.  Returning to Tradition of Excellence, page 44, we played the A♭Major concert scale and Chorale and finally Angela challenged us to play the D♭ Major concert scale.  Angela suggested as a warm up exercise when we are practising, we take a scale with 5 ♭s and practise long tones.
We then turned to The Happy Wanderer which, although its notes and rhythms are fairly straightforward, is a challenge because of its key signature. Finally we 
worked on Fanfare for the Common Man, after having reviewed some of the rhythms using Tradition of Excellence page 45 lines 5, 11 and 20. 
Next Week’s Rehearsal
From Angela:  We will be working on the same 4 pieces (hopefully with the new Summertime) with some different warm ups from the 2 books, so don’t forget to bring them both along. That will hopefully make everyone feel comfortable with the new music before we head into our break week, and give you some ideas for warm ups.
ALWAYS feel free to email me with any thoughts, problems, concerns etc. Although I am not on my emails 24/7, I will get back to you as quick as I can!



Remember to bring shoes or slippers to wear when the weather is wet.
Thanks to Angela for the cookies (or as she says, biscuits) for our break.
For those who are finding their ears are sensitive to some of the louder music, consider investing in a set of Ety earplugs (er20.html) available online or at Best Buy.
Social Events 
Following band next week, we will be gathering at Kristy’s on Richmond Road for some refreshments.  Later that evening at 7:00 the ONHB Rideau Cadences will be playing at Brookfield High School in a free concert with the Governor General’s Foot Guard Band (GGFGB).  Everyone is more than welcome to enjoy the performance which promises to be loads of fun.  It will feature a number of performances including a combined ONHB Rideau Cadences and GGFGB.
Important Dates
Thursday March 15: No band rehearsal, March break
Sunday April 15 at about 2:00 at Woodroffe United Church:  Our spring concert
Thursday April 19 at 1:30:  Community concert at Embassy West Retirement Centre (tentative playlist includes Edelweiss)
Listening Links