Week 7 October 29,2019

What we did:
  • 54- practice listening to each other and playing as a team. It’s hard, but mandatory to playing in a band
  • Rhythm 1-20- remember o count and clap with your counting so that you don’t speed ahead
  • Abide with me: listen for the melody since that is the most important part
  • Maya: the long accents need to be full length for the right style. Remember this piece is fast!
  • nutcracker: we should be imitating the ballet style for this. Light and bouncy style with a legato flowing style.
What we will do:
  • EE: 55, 58
  • Abide with me: first 16 bars
  • Maya the lost empire: 1-28
  • The Nutcracker: 17-33
Music room (2hours with a break in between)