Week 7 October 29

Great first 2 hour rehearsal! Remember to wear your name tags so others don’t have to guess your name. We did a lot of great hard work and you should be very proud of yourselves. Reminder that we will have a pub night on Nov 20th and our first BB dinner on Nov 6th.

What we did:

Essential Elements- 25, 30,31,34.  We practiced the legato we learned last week and staccato. Playing dynamics is important in music! remember that a piano (soft) dynamic takes as much control as a forte (loud) dynamic. Play both of them beautifully!

Jamaican Holiday. Mvt 3: (This is not too fast) we worked on slowly layering in the parts so that everyone knew who was playing and we went over the piece’s roadmap

Theme from Jurassic Park: More layering of parts. The white notes in this piece are generally less important than the moving notes so play a little quieter to hear the melody. With the dotted quarter eighth pattern that is not slurred, have a tiny bit of space before the eighth note so it sounds clear to the audience.

Barrage: 61-end. Remember the long accent (>) vs. a short accent (^). Make sure to differentiate these in your playing

Overall, watch the conductor because I sometimes do interesting things. Everything is coming along nicely!


Listening Links:

Jamaican Holiday 1: 108bpm, 2: 86bpm, 3: 112bpm

Barrage: 120-144bpm

Jurassic park: 108bpm