Week 6 Rehearsal

Thanks to Zac Sedlar for leading a saxophone clinic for the first hour and to Colin Williamson for leading a fun and productive rehearsal on Monday night.  A lot of enthusiasm.  The band is really making progress.

In the second hour, the band started off by warming up/sight-reading Blue Bossa, a chart from Fall 2019, and then rehearsed five of our Winter 2020 charts.

Note: Some players are still without music from the previous sessions.  We will use these past pieces as warm-up/sight-reading pieces each week to determine which ones we will use to fill up our one hour community event in April.  Please print them from the dropbox provided in the previous note at https://ottawanewhorizons.com/note/music-and-listening-links-for-winter-session/

Blue Bossa:

At M47, solos were in order: trumpet, flute (soli), trombone.  Those playing background rhythms focused on articulations (staccato versus non-staccato)

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy:

Note:  Drum stick intro for one bar, then two bars of drum solo, then start together at M3.   Trombones watch beat 2 in M7 after the fall.

Practised difference between M58 (not on the beat ) and M59 (on the beat).  Same for M60 and M61.

Cousin Mary:

Ran through the whole piece.

Focused on M2 bass line and M33 sax’s triplets


Great run through with lots of intensity. Need to tighten up trumpet and sax “licks” and rhythms throughout.

Green Onions: 

Great run through; worked on articulations and rhythms.

Puttin On the Ritz:

Great run through; worked on tightening some section rhythms and shot notes.