Week 6 Rehearsal Notes, Look Ahead to Week 7 JJ

We are starting to play with awareness of balance and blend, and greater rhythmic accuracy and confidence.  Try playing mezzopiano -mp, and blend in with the listening links this week.

Next rehearsal:   Woodroffe United Church (see below for details)

Mark your calendars and invite friends/family for Tuesday, June 11 at Casa Del Gusto, 1460 Merivale Road https://www.lacasadelgusto.ca/

Rhythm section must set up at 5:30 or earlier, before the chairs are placed.  All other musicians should plan to arrive at 5:50, and we will warm up at 6:10.  We will play our set from 6:30 – 7:15/7:30, (or until we are hungry)- and then put the tables back in place, and enjoy refreshments/dinner out together.

Casa Del Gusto can accommodate 140 plus, 50 on the patio. It will be a cozy experience!  They have some armless chairs for our use, as well as tall bar chairs for the back row brass (standing or leaning on the tall chairs, as needed, is advised for playing), and we will need an additional few low chairs (card table chairs).

Looking to play more jazz this summer?  JazzWorks offers a local jazz camp in August, and Sarah J. posted information on our (link:) Facebook ONHB group. I will also have brochures at our concert.  I  just received information about a limited number of spots left for an August jazz camp in Vermont –  trumpet, trombone –  http://www.jazzcamp.com/

MuseScore–  We had fun exploring MuseScore 3 this week in small groups.  Sarah, Mary, May, and Patti are well on their way to composing, transposing and listening to their work on Musescore 3.  Ask them at break about MuseScore.  https://musescore.org/en/download

Next rehearsal:   Woodroffe United Church, Lower Hall (down stairs). Thanks to Stuart for bringing his drum kit, and to Mary for meeting him to help bring it in (North side door is easiest entrance for us all.  Drive around the building, but save the angled spot closest to the door for Stuart – thanks!.). Jen will need help to move the electric keyboard from the music library to downstairs, and then to car following rehearsal.  A stand and patch cord are in the cupboards, and I will get these, and bring a stool.

Next rehearsal: Getting to know you – I am so embarrassed!  THIS WEEK – trombones, clarinets, and flutes – and if I have missed anyone, jump in!

Warm Ups:  Please continue to do long tone Chromatic scale warm up at home, as well as Bb Blues Scale, and the “T.J. Wheeler riff (pentatonic scale – fits in with anything)

Next rehearsal we will play the T.J. Wheeler riff over a slow blues shuffle progression played by the rhythm section. Each section is on their own –  to check our tuning, practice listening and timing https://www.basicmusictheory.com/b-flat-blues-scale

Here is a Blues progression to listen to for the chord changes (listed) practice your riff, as well as improvising –  Go for it!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KH7CynqDUm8

Need inspiration for improvisation? Listen to Dave’s improv sax solo in Brown-Eyed Girl. Note his use of a limited set of notes to focus on quality sound production and fitting in with the rhythm groove and chord changes. Play along with this recording or the listening links (go back to rehearsal notes from week 3, and try a solo yourself!

Link – Jumpin’ Jazz Playing:  Brown-Eyed Girl – Dave (demo solo), 2nd solo Wally

Next rehearsal – We will play straight through our repertoire.  We chose to add four pieces to our main four (2 from a previous session and 2 sight reading pieces). Don’t worry if you can’t do it all.  Your best is good enough! Focus on the main four.

Playing percussion for Mixed Bag is a fun option for new JJB members.  Going to the audience and finding a dance partner is another option. It is all about having FUN!

We will read through our “In and Out of Love” repertoire in this order (Suggestion: Why not put it in this order now to save time and stress? Another hot tip:  hole punch, and put music in a black, 1 ” binder, so music does not fall off your stand during a performance.  I learned the hard way.)

Listening links are all here on the website under Band Notes, in the week 3 note.

Set one:  Love is in the Air:

All My Lovin’

All the Things You Are

Girl From Ipanema (soli first time through, solo second time we play it)

Brown-Eyed Girl

Set  two:  Love hurts  – Mixed emotions – Lean on Friends!

Hit the Road Jack

Forget You

Mixed Bag

Lean on Me (link) https://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&productID=10188535

Encore Set:

Suggestions? Audience favourites?