Week 5 update from October 12, 2017

Greetings Capital Crescendos,

Theme of the Week: Time for a challenge: continue to work on those tricky parts of our repertoire that we have been reviewing in our clinics. Get comfortable with the challenging notes and rhythms.


There is no band rehearsal this coming week. Our next rehearsal is October 26.

The first Annual General Meeting of the Ottawa New Horizons Band will be held this Sunday at 2:00 at Woodroffe United Church in the Sanctuary. Elections will be held for the Board of Directors and approval will be sought for the new by-laws of the organization. Everyone is very welcome to attend.

This Week’s Rehearsal

To start rehearsal we enjoyed our final clinics for October. Then using Tradition of Excellence, page 42, we warmed up playing the B♭ concert scale then turned to page 9, line 43, and played G minor, its relative minor, which prepared us for the next piece Riu, Riu, Chiu and its many changes in time signatures. We then played Hail the Conquering Hero top to bottom. Next we reviewed You Must Know with its fun rhythms. (Keep listening to the link). Finally we turned to West Side Story working from bar 73 to the end.

With our mid session break coming up this week, make sure to continue to listen to the links below. Listening is an important (and fun) part of practicing. Enjoy becoming more familiar with the music and where the various instruments fit in. And, remember to isolate and practice in small sections, the areas you find particularly challenging.

Important Dates

Sunday October 15 at 2:00: First annual general meeting of the ONHB


Reminder: there is no band on October 19th as the church is not available on that day. Our next Band rehearsal is – in two weeks!

Listening Links

Celebrating My Three Best Friends

West Side Story:
Hail the Conquering Hero:
You Must Know:
Feller from Fortune:
Riu, Riu, Chiu: