Week 5 Rehearsal Notes, Look Ahead to Week 6 JJB

Great progress on our four main tunes, everyone! Thank you to all who came out to Stella Luna’s for a bit of craic (Irish term I picked up on our band trip)  and gelato/sorbet!

Special Notes:

Mark your calendars and invite a friend or two, or family for Tuesday, June 11 at Casa Del Gusto, 1460 Merivale Road https://www.lacasadelgusto.ca/  Rhythm section must set up at 5:30 or earlier, before the chairs are placed.  All other musicians should plan to arrive at 5:50, and we will warm up at 6:10.  We will play our set from 6:30 – 7:15/7:30, (or until we are hungry)- and then put the tables back in place, and enjoy refreshments/dinner out together.

Casa Del Gusto co- owners, John and his mother, Jesse (pronounced Yessey), are thrilled that we have decided to perform on Tuesday, June 11 for friends and family.  They can accommodate 140 plus, 50 on the patio. It will be a cozy experience!  They have some armless chairs for our use, as well as tall bar chairs for the back row brass (although standing or leaning on the chair as needed is advised for playing), but we will need an additional few low chairs (card table chairs work).

MuseScoreguided exploration on how to use MuseScore (free shareware) to copy, transpose, and compose melodies.  This is especially practical for non-traditional jazz instruments – like flute, F horn, but others are welcome.  I can accommodate 3-4 people at each session in my home (Wifi and no rental cost!) Bring your laptop if possible.

Thursday, May 30 from 6:30 – 8:00

Friday, May 31 from 1 – 2:30

Next rehearsal:  Meet Cathy in the staff room at 5:55 for extra music theory (optional) on chords and the 12 bar blues progression.  If time at the end, we will try out a few intervals, ascending.

 Getting to know you –Let’s meet the trombone+F horn+baritone section this week (Sorry that I missed doing this last week, Low Brass!)

Warm Up :  Please continue to do Chromatic scale warm up at home.  Also keep practicing the Bb Blues Scale, and the “T.J. Wheeler riff .  Next rehearsal we will try playing the T.J. Wheeler riff over a blues progression, played by the rhythm section (bring your jazz method book and look at the blues song- song 4  rhythm section) https://www.basicmusictheory.com/b-flat-blues-scale

Next rehearsal  we will read through our main pieces in this order:

 Forget You

Girl From Impanema (soli first time through, solo second time we play it)

Brown-Eyed Girl

Hit the Road Jack.

(Remember to listen to the listening links as part of your rehearsal strategy – previous band notes have all the links, including the optional pieces below)

We will also read through our extra pieces and see which ones we feel are manageable for June 11 at our gig.

All the Things You Are

Lean on Me (rock)  https://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&productID=10188535

All My Lovin’

Mixed Bag

(Into the Sun from last session, new people play percussion?)


For interval work, as a follow up to last week’s theory session, have fun checking out these links:

https://www.earmaster.com/products/free-tools/interval-song-chart-generator.html  For an amazing number of choices of tunes to remember intervals by,and YouTube links for each.

https://www.liveabout.com/table-of-intervals-2455915 (I avoid clicking on the advertisements) This is a 4 minute read, and explains why some intervals are perfect, and some are major/minor, and how Greek philosopher and mathematician, Pythagoras, came to describe intervals in this way (relates to varying lengths of vibrating string and frequencies of pitches in relation to each other).


These great links are from Al (trombone friend from Winter Session)-  Here are two web sites where band members can practise identifying intervals and full chords by ear.  



Thank you for sharing this, Al! Identifying intervals is a key skill to developing confidence in both improvisation and reading music. What a great way to practice this important skill! If anyone else has recommendations for online tools, books, or jazz band performances in Ottawa, you can share it with us here.