Week 5 October 15, 2019

Well done everyone!

What we did:

  • Band skills: running through an entire pieces is tiring! Try to stay with the group rather than play everything perfectly
  • Playing Skills:
    • Staccato vs. Accented vs. Tenuto
    • Essential elements 49 in round (look for general cues )
    • Nutcracker: light and bouncy staccatos. This piece is delicate and not super loud
    • Maya the lost empire: remember it is fast!
    • Abide with me: very flowing and use light tonguing when separating notes. There should be no holes in the piece

What we will do next week:

EE: 52, 53, 54

All pieces (introduction)

Woodwinds- library
Brass (not f horn)- Staff room
F. Horn- 143
Percussion-Music room