Week 4 update from October 5, 2017

Greetings Capital Crescendos,

Theme of the Week: ” The band that breathes together plays together!” Remember to watch the conductor’s baton.


Starting this coming week, full band rehearsal will be held from 12:45 to 3:00, with a short break in the middle. We have access to our rehearsal hall (which the church calls “Scout Hall”) starting at 12:15. A big thank you to those who arrive early and help with the chairs and percussion and to those who stay after and help put things away. Please note that when we have sectionals, we have access to those rooms starting at 12:30.

A gentle reminder that our break is a great time to socialize and stretch our legs and to take a break from playing. Please refrain from playing your instrument during the break.

This Week’s Rehearsal

Following our clinics we started rehearsal with the B♭ scale, with various instruments joining in at different times – when they were cued in. Great practice for watching the conductor’s baton while listening to each other. Next we turned to Riu, Riu, Chiu, reviewed the roadmap and worked on sections A to F. Then we worked on Celebrating My Three Best Friends. Watch all those new markings we made.

Next Week

For the next few weeks, we will have a full two hours of band rehearsal. Two more sectionals will be held later in November.

Remember to bring Tradition of Excellence (book 2) which we’ll be using this coming week. Pieces to focus on for next week are : West Side Story, Hail the Conquering Hero and the French Canadian Suite.

Important Dates

Thursday October 12 at 10:45: Brunch at Kristy’s on Richmond Road
Sunday October 15 at 2:00: First annual general meeting of the ONHB

NOTE: there is no band on October 19th as the church is not available on that day

Listening Links

Celebrating My Three Best Friends

West Side Story

Hail the Conquering Hero

You Must Know


Feller from Fortune

Riu, Riu, Chiu