Week 4 Rehearsal Notes, Look Ahead  to Week 5 JJB

Special Notes:

Next rehearsal:  Meet Cathy in the staff room at 5:55 for extra music theory (optional).

Getting to know you –Let’s meet the trombone+F horn+baritone section this week!

From the Social Committee (Rita and Chris)

The Main and Abbott Dance Band will be performing at Saint Brigid’s (310 St. Patrick Street) on Saturday May 18 from 8pm – 12pm.  Come and enjoy the nostalgic tunes and don’t forget your dancing shoes. Tickets are available at the door or $10 on line at Eventbrite.ca  (Last time I attended they sold out!)

Social Outing May 21 @ Stella Luna’s  

Following the May 21st session, join your band mates for a tasty little treat at Stella Luna’s. Their gelato It is made from scratch on site and is arguably the best in town. Beer and wine are also sold on the premises for those who don’t partake in sweets. Stella Luna is located at 1103 Bank Street.

A wise man once told me that gelato will do wonders for the embouchure!

Improvising Solos – (thanks Prab, for providing this recording of JJB playing The Girl from Ipanema with solos improvised by Dave and Mica, so we can all be inspired to give it a try – 8 bars, start with the tune (first three notes)


Rehearsal Notes:

Warm Up :  Doo  – Swing  Scale  (Bb concert), (please continue to do Chromatic scale warm up at home)  This week, we played the Bb Blues Scale, and the “T.J. Wheeler riff”: https://www.basicmusictheory.com/b-flat-blues-scale

Hit the Road Jack.

Art kit – Art provided a strong back beat on 2 and 4 on snare, trumpets and saxes tidied up the rhythms at m 19-m27 (same at m 45) and we ran the piece.

 Girl From Impanema  (Jill – kit)

Dave gave some tips for improvising.  The main message is to use the tune!  (three notes to start off).  Thanks to all who provided a solo.  Next week, I would like to hear everyone who has practiced the suggested solo as written, as well as offer a chance for people who are ready to try improvising on the tune.

 Brown-Eyed  Girl  (Mary G – kit )  We worked on dynamics, rhythm m 76- 77,   Alto sax 1 (first time) and Trumpet 2 (second time) solos at 40.

Forget You  (Stuart – kit)

Continue to work on the middle parts.  We are sounding stronger on this challenging piece!

All the Things You Are –  Flutes and vibes are sounding more and more confident at the opening.  We will continue to work on this piece.

Next Week Real Sight Reading – Lean on Me (rock) (real sight read – no advance copy)  but here is a link to listen to it.  https://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&productID=10188535

You can use the links from last week’s notes to review our pieces.  All notes are available under Members on our website.

Happy Long Weekend!