Week 4- Oct 10, 2018

Great rehearsal once again! We just started the band music and we seem to be getting used to playing different parts. Don’t worry if you aren’t 100% comfortable. The first 6 weeks is a steep learning curve.
What we did:
EE: lines 6-25
Jamaican holiday all of mvt 1 and a little of mvt 2. Remember the I can go straight into the second movement by just keeping my arms up and giving you the usual count in. The first movement is in 2/4 so my pattern is only down-up.
Barrage: only first few measures as a reminder. Remember it is super important to keep the tempo that I set so we can all be together. foot-tapping, out loud counting, or counting on fingers (my personal favourite that I still do in orchestra) can be super helpful for keeping the beat and for counting long rests.
Rooms for next week:
Flute 110
Clarinet 112
Saxophone Library
Trumpet/F Horn 114
Trombone 115
Ebass/Tuba 142
Percussion Music room
Stage for full band at 7:45!
Listening Links:

Jamaican Holiday 1: 108bpm, 2: 86bpm, 3: 112bpm

Barrage: 120-144bpm

Jurassic park: 108bpm