Week 4: Feb 5, 2019

One day we will have nice weather on a Tuesday! Thanks to everyone who was there, I completely understand that some of you will be missing rehearsal due to the driving conditions so I have built in review.

What we did:

EE: 60-77 remember to look at the dynamics and new notes before you start. Always think about taking in a full breath before you start

Music from Brave: this piece is like theme from jurassic park in the sense that it is lyrical and movie music. It changes tempo quite a bit, so remember to look up because I will make it as obvious as possible. Make sure you mind your rests because not everyone plays at the same time.

Fire’s Edge: The clapping and stomping is doing going AMAZING we are starting to put this together nicely. The last two bars will start piano (p or quiet). The hard part it picking up your instruments to be ready to come in.

Slavonic dance: the first note is longer in comparison but make sure to count during the long note and mind the road map.

What we will do:

**we have a social gathering coming up in a couple weeks. Stay tuned for an email!

EE: 80s

Land of the Pharaohs

Slavonic Dance

Music from brave

Rooms for clinics

  • Flute/oboe 110
  • Bassoon- 143
  • Clarinet 112
  • Saxophones- library
  • Trumpet/F horn. – 114
  • Trombone/Tuba-115
  • E bass- 142 (Staff Room)
  • Percussion- Music Room

Metronome markings:

Land of the Pharaohs: BPM= 90 at the beinning and 132 at the allegro

Fire’s Edge= BPM 120

Slavonic Dance: BPM 120 then 132

Music from brave BPM 108 then 80 at the slightly slower 144 at the faster

Listening links