Week 3 RC

Happy February!

Thanks for another good rehearsal this past week.  Even in the short time we had, we made good progress on Into the Hills, Come Down Rain and Brave.

Nadim, (in the trumpet section) sent these links for reference to the original Lebanese song that our band arrangement of Come Down Rain is based on.

The words and melody are beautiful.  Thank you Nadim.

Song by Fairouz, composed by Rahbani brothers (Lebanon):


Come down rain so we may have a bountiful season

 And let the streams pour into our fields and water a new crop.,

Keep a watchful eye on our house and on the rose buds hanging off the fence

Soon winter will be over and we’ll meet again in May

Joyous harvest celebrations await us, as we sow the land and pick the grapes…


Please listen here:



Here is newer version of the same song remastered by her son Ziad Rahbani



This week we will not be having sectionals.  We will have a few more later in the session.

I would like to spend about 15 minutes on each of these pieces.



Folk Song Suite (the first movement) Seventeen come Sunday (Please take a few moments to mark bar numbers in this piece..there are none provided)

Please mark: 5,18,31,33,41,49, 57, 65,73, 81, 98, 106, 114,122 . (You can see where these are placed in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9a0ym35R6I

Clarinets please note there is a solo clarinet part that must be played by one person and then 3 other parts..this will mean one on a part

Trumpets also..there are 3 Cornet parts to be covered and 2 trumpet parts (although as there are a fair number of rests in the trumpet parts at times these players can join the cornet parts)

Slavonic Dances (beginning until measure 100..Please take a few moments to mark bar numbers in this piece (there are not too many given)

Please add 22, 32, 38, 50,96, 108, 150, 160, 168,176, 180, 184188, 196, 200 207 to the bar numbers already given.  This will make rehearsing a little easier.

Come Down Rain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQfRJhsVmno

Brave https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frn8UHbMu4w

Les Mis (88-167) this is the I dreamed a dream and Master of the House sections https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk80V_q_YVA

Into the Hills https://www.enpmusic.com/sound/CB13230.mp3

Please continue to practise with a metronome moving from a slower tempo to a faster one.  Sometimes it is helpful just to work fingers or positions without sound. Singing or speaking your part with articulation is always helpful also.

Happy practising!