Week 3- Oct 3, 2018

Great rehearsal everyone! We are slowly but surely becoming a band and got to play our first piece Barrage!

What we did:

EE: line 1-22+41. For split decision we looked at each line individually then had alternating people play each line. This got us ready for band music! We looked at eighth notes and how to play them in time with the conductor baton.

Barrage we played 1-8.

Rooms for next week:
Flute 110
Clarinet 112
Saxophone Library
Trumpet 114
F horn 115
Trombone/Ebass/Tuba 142
Percussion Music room
Stage for full band at 7:45!
In clinics, we will be focusing on the band music where clinicians will answer all of the questions about how to play the new notes, rhythms, and dynamics. (Electric basses, please examine charts at the back of your book for the new notes)
In band, we will continue in the method book and look at the beginning of Jamaican Holiday and Barrage.
Listening Links:

Jamaican Holiday 1: 108bpm, 2: 86bpm, 3: 112bpm

Barrage: 120-144bpm

Jurassic park: 108bpm