Week 3, jan 29, 2019

We had a small but mighty group! Well done!

What we did:

EE: 60s

Land of the Pharaohs: the woodwonds and brass have the same rhythm at rhe beginning. Make it powerful!

Slavonic dance: it is faster than you think! Mind the roadmap since repeats are very impotant for dances.

Fire’s edge: we actually got through the whole piece! Well done! We need to keep the tempo up when playing. Keep in mind that the instruments are not always together. Count carefully!

What we will do:

EE: 70s

Review from last week

Music from brave overview (work on what looks most difficult)

Rooms for clinics

  • Flute/oboe 110
  • F. Horn-143
  • Bassoon- practice rooms
  • Clarinet 112
  • Saxophones- library
  • Trumpet/- 114
  • Trombone/Tuba-115
  • E bass- 142 (Staff Room)
  • Percussion- Music Room

Metronome markings:

Land of the Pharaohs: BPM= 90 at the beinning and 132 at the allegro

Fire’s Edge= BPM 120

Slavonic Dance: BPM 120 then 132

Music from brave BPM 120 then 80 at the slightly slower 144 at the faster

Listening links