Week 2 Update from September 21,2017

Greetings Capital Crescendos

Theme of the Week: Listen! Get to know the music and the feel of the tempo, dynamics and rhythms of the pieces we’ll be playing this term. Use the links below to become familiar with the music. This is just as important as practising the notes.


If you are missing music please let Charlotte (flute), Gail (flute) or Katie (clarinet) know and they will provide you with a copy. If you have misplaced music, please arrange to copy the music of someone in your section.

Following a short discussion and vote, we decided to bring our own snacks and drinks for break time. Water will be available at Woodroffe.

It is important that we leave all the rooms at Woodroffe just as we found them. Brass – remember to keep the floors dry.

This Week’s Rehearsal

Three additional pieces of music were distributed: Feller from Fortune, Riu, Riu, Chiu and Angel . We began this week’s rehearsal with our clinics. Then we moved to full band starting with the concert B♭scale in unison and played as a round, with varying dynamics and tempo, focussing on watching the conductor and listening to each other. We then played through Hail the Conquering Hero paying attention to the articulation and dynamics. Next we played Angel, followed by Feller from Fortune, a challenging piece. Sheila encouraged us to listen to the audio links and focus on getting the feel of this music. We then played A French Canadian Suite and lastly You Must Know.

Next Week

For next week, focus on the following pieces that we will be working on in full band: West Side Story, You Must Know and French Canadian Suite

Clinics will be held on Sept 28 and Nov 2.

Important Dates

Thursday September 29 following band: Social gathering at Buster’s Bar and Grill at Lincoln Fields
Sunday October 15 at 2:00: First annual general meeting of the ONHB
NOTE: there is no band on October 19th as the church is not available on that day

Listening Links

Celebrating My Three Best Friends: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnE1bVgt7ts
West Side Story: https://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/search.jsp?keywords=west+side+story&pageview=list-view&departments=Concert%20Band
Hail the Conquering Hero: http://www.enpmusic.com/details.php?CatalogueNo=CB2246
You Must Know: http://www.enpmusic.com/details.php?CatalogueNo=CB11197
Feller from Fortune: CB14262.mp3
Riu, Riu, Chiu: http://www.enpmusic.com/sound/CB29143.mp3