Week 2 update from January 25, 2018

Greetings Capital Crescendos,

Theme of the Week: Tuning is important! And do we ever sound better when we are in tune.  Remember it is your responsibility to tune your instrument before practice starts.  


This week will be the final week for placing an order for an ONHB shirt.  Three styles are available in a variety of sizes.  Cotton T-shirts are available at $20, polyester golf shirts cost $35 and cotton golf shirts cost $45. Shirts must be paid for in advance either in cash or by cheque.  Let Leslie know at band on Thursday if you would like to purchase a shirt.
We welcomed Cathryn and Andrew back to percussion.

This Week’s Rehearsal

Following our clinics, we worked on Balladair and concentrated on playing in tune.  Next we practised The Thunderer, an American march.  Heather discussed the various styles of marches and their characteristics, including American, British, various European and triumphal marches (more information on marches:  marches-ma0000002711 ).  Then we worked on Earth, Wind & Fire Dance Mix focussing on getting the groove.   Finally we turned to John Williams: Movie Adventures and really enjoyed the timpani!

Next Week
Sectionals will be held again next week during the first hour. 

Heather’s Ideas for next rehearsal
Did you find a tuner? Try a Clip-on like a Snark (you want a CHROMATIC tuner not a guitar tuner ) or try an app for your smartphone …..lots of free ones to choose from.
Tune up after you warm up. But remember that you have tuned just ONE note so you ALWAYS need to be listening to your tuning and remembering that when you play in an ensemble your tuning is RELATIVE to the others around you. Work as a team with your section members on tuning. High notes are usually a tuning problem for winds and brass. Check out YOU TUBE for lots of info on playing in tune.
Balladair – start looking at the phrase markings – those long curved lines over the notes mean to play these notes smoothly and in one breath as they generally represent one musical idea. They are different from a slur marking over two or three notes.
John Williams – work on the transitions from theme to theme – note any changes in time sig’s and key sig’s. Look over the piece for important markings such as articulation and dynamics.
Three Folk Minis – same thing here -dynamics, articulation, and phrasing
Earth Wind and Fire – work on those rhythms – these are essentially math problems and are tremendous brain games. You don’t even need an instrument to work on rhythm! BUT….you might need a pencil and a lot of “stick-to-it-iveness”
Sousa – work on the trills and getting a faster speed but don’t sacrifice accuracy.
Get a FREE metronome app for your smartphone or computer  and. set it at a slow pace and kick it up a notch everyday.

Important Dates

Thursday March 15: No band rehearsal, March break
Sunday April 15 at about 2:00 at Woodroffe United Church:  Our spring concert

Listening Links
Earth, Wind and Fire Dance Mix:
John Williams: Movie Adventures:
Three Folk Miniatures:
The Thunderer:
The Thunderer: