Week 2: September 24, 2019

Hello Bytown Beginners!

Keep up the good work everyone! You are all making great progress!

What we did:

  • Band Skills:
    • Conductor can change beats, speed, gestures etc. It is the band’s job to react as quickly as possible, so a good conductor will prep these changes.
    • Look up! Conductors give cues to section during the band music
  • Playing Skills:
    • Lines 1-12
    • Abide with Me first 12 bars.
      • keep your silences silent
      • hold notes as written to have the proper effect
    • Practice in short chunks to let your muscle memory begin to develop and give your face/hands a break! (15min increments)
      • Maybe practice twice in a day until you are tired and then stop
  • Other
    • Concert is December 15 (a Sunday)
    • Email me if you are missing music, so I can have it ready when you come in (I don’t always have extra copies lying around)
    • Smartmusic is a online tool you can use for immediate feedback
    • If you would like to volunteer for social committee or would like to run for Band rep, let me know!
    • Theory pages available on my site (Please email me so I can steer you to ones that would be helpful to your individual needs):

What we will do next week:

  • Essential elements hopefully up to 23
  • Begin looking at all pieces

Clinic Rooms:

  • 110: flute
  • Music room practice rooms: oboe
  • 112: clarinet
  • 114: trumpet
  • 115: trombone
  • 143: french horn
  • library: saxophone
  • staff: electric bass
  • Music room: percussion
Listening Links: