Week 2- Sept 25, 2018

Well done everyone!

We are really starting to sound good together. If you are still have issues consistently making a sound on your instrument or reading the music, I promise you are not the only one! Do not be discouraged since we still have plenty of time and you will improve!

What we did:

EE Lines 1-14

Metronome markings for the pieces:

Jamaican Holiday 1: 108bpm, 2: 86bpm, 3: 112bpm

Barrage: 120-144bpm

Jurassic park: 108bpm

This week we spent time on breathing and making sure that we are breathing in through our mouths (for winds players) and not constricting our air flow by tightening up or incorrect posture. feel free to download  a metronome app (i use metronome beats made by stonekick) or use an online one if you do not wish to purchase one

Remember to watch the conductor because I can stop and hold any note I wish!

MakeMusic– this is a multiproduct company, including smartmusic that can help you to practice out of the book and learn pieces (you do have to pay for this and it is not mandatory). I do not have a login key, so you can use classic smartmusic. I looked for a cellphone app and I couldn’t find one that was this program, but there is apparently one for ipad. Here is the website: https://www.smartmusic.com/ 

Rooms for next week:
Flute 110
Clarinet 112
Saxophone Library
Trumpet 114
F horn 115
Trombone/Ebass/Tuba 142
Percussion Music room
Stage for full band at 7:45!
The plan for next week:
Review of EE (the method book) line 1-12, and hopefully 14-25.
Begin looking at the pieces: Barrage 1-17
Jamaican holiday 1-8
Listening Links: