Week 2 Rehearsal Note

Great work on our new pieces!  I hope you can hear the potential in each of the tunes!  Sectionals for the first hour next week – see the schedule below.

Look through last week’s note again to find a review and links to the Blues progression, for improvisation practice.

Thanks again to Dave Jones, who ran the bass guitar clinic.  Much appreciated by all who participated!

Week 2 Review – We played:

Concert Bb scale (page 2 in book FPfJ)

Concert F Major scale (page 18 line A in the book)

Exercises (page 18/19 in the book FPfJ)  – work on these at home!

Sao Paulo (in book First Place for Jazz) pages 18 – 21 We read up to the solo section.

Puttin’ On the Ritz  m 25 – 32

Respect   measures 1 – 21 and 57, 58, 75

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough  mm 69– 76

Green Onions m 28 – 40, and reviewed first section again at three different tempos!  It was sounding pretty exciting by the last time through!

Cousin Mary  mm 1-8

Mercy Mercy Mercy m 15 – 23  Jazz musicians say the rhythm and articulation in time, then play it:

Don’t forget the rest:  (“one”)  Doo baaah-ya  bahyah  doodot  bahyah doo doo

Week 3 Looking ahead –   (Clinics– 10 minutes for warm up and technique,  and 8 – 10 minutes per piece. Focus on measures indicated below)


Saxes – staff room with Zac Sedlar

Trumpets, Clarinets – stage with Rocco Romeo

Trombones – TBD –  (we will either be in the music office area, or 143, as in past) with Colin Williamson

Rhythm section – in music room with Glen Morrison

Puttin’ On the Ritz

     Clinics: all sections: mm 55- 67,  (Coda mm 68 – 78 if time)

     Full Band:  run through – mark sections for study next week.


       Clinics:  all parts mm 57 – 73

       Full Band: measures 1 – 21 and 57, 58, 75

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough  

       Clinics:  trumpets m8 – 16       saxes mm 24 – 32      trombones mm 60- 68 (note the different rhythm from the chorus), mm 4-9  rhythm section mm 17 – 24, and mm 1-4 if time.

       Full band:  Run the piece, and mark sections for clinics next week.

Mercy Mercy Mercy

     Clinics:  All sections: mm  23 – 30  (mm 31 – 38 if time)

     Full Band:  Run to m. 38

Cousin Mary  

     Clinics:  mm68 – 82 shaping notes

     Full Band : mm68 – 82 together

If time remains – you are amazing and can look at:

Green Onions

     Clinics:  all section: mm 66 – end

     Full Band – beginning or  mm 66 – end

Important Reminders:

There will be a donation basket set out over the next couple of weeks for refreshments.  We still need a volunteer for either set up or clean up (easily done in 2 minutes)

Please sign in with your initials on the attendance each week, and mark in planned absences (mark an A) well in advance, to help me to plan clinics and sectionals

Leave footwear at the door, and bring slippers/shoes to wear in the music room

Mark your instrument and belongings with your name, so that when something is in the room following rehearsal, it is easily identified as ONHB or not.  I can then pick up anything, and keep it for you to pick up, because we do not have access to the school during the day.

Let’s leave the room and the school tidier than we found it. Following rehearsal, please check that you have everything, and that the room is set up for Liz Hanson, the Brookfield music teacher (chairs back, and stands at the edge of the ledge,  Front row 9, Middle row 11, Back row 13, no chairs to conductor’s left – for double bass players, who stand).

In order to listen and play the exercises in the book, please sign up for the IPS (Interactive Practice Studio) on page 1, an online copy of our method book “First Place for Jazz.  We covered pages 1-17 in past sessions, and plan to continue with the next piece – Summer in Sao Paulo (a holiday from winter weather – and reviewing/learning the Bossa style in the key of concert F.

Remember to print off and bring all the music from last session, and in a couple of weeks, we will start using  these tunes as a warm up/review/ sight reading at the beginning of rehearsal.

Please mark Friday, April 17 on your calendar now – we will be performing on stage for friends and family at St. Thomas D’Aquin on Kilborn near Bank that evening from 7 – 9. We will need everyone, as this is very much a team effort!  Let me know asap if you cannot be there. Details to follow!