Week 2 Jan 22, 2019

Well done at rehearsal everyone!

What we did:

Essential Elements: 52, and 54

Fire’s Edge: be convincing! Start thinking eighth notes as soon as possible to be ready for the clapping. Have your instrument ready before you play. The notes should still be in time so listen and stick with the percussion (and look at me of course!)

Slavonic Dance: hold you notes for full value and mind the repeats. In dances like this, the repeats are vital to the composition. Even though we start with a long note, try to keep the tempo in your head so you know how fast to play the moving notes. This piece will move fast!

Rooms for clinics

  • Flute/oboe 110
  • Bassoon-143
  • Clarinet 112
  • Saxophones- library
  • Trumpet/f horn- 114
  • Trombone/Tuba-115
  • E bass- 142 (Staff Room)
  • Percussion- Music Room

What we will do next week:

Essential Elements: 57, 58, 60s

Land of the Pharoahs: 1-16

Fire’s Edge

Slavonic dance: up to the second set of repeats

Metronome markings:

Land of the Pharaohs: BPM= 90 at the beinning and 132 at the allegro

Fire’s Edge= BPM 120

Slavonic Dance: BPM 120 then 132

Music from brave BPM 120 then 80 at the slightly slower 144 at the faster

Listening links