Week 11, Fall 2016

Greetings Rideau Cadences,

Congratulations on a great dress rehearsal last night. Not only did you cope with the new acoustics well, you managed two entirely different set ups!

Details of both concerts are below.

December 4th.
Stage Crew…please arrive between 9.30 and 9.45. Go to the Chapel and set up your things. We will bring all the percussion upstairs, ready to go into the Sanctuary.
Everyone else…please arrive between 9.45 and 10. Go to the Chapel and set up your things. At 10 proceed to the Sanctuary and wait to be given the go ahead to go onstage.
Dress…All black with touches of festive colours.
Order…Inuit Lullaby and What Child is This? (Greensleeves) Please have What Child ready to go immediately we finish lullaby.
            Simple Gifts (Lord of the Dance)
            Saints Hallelujah

Afterwards…please help with chairs and percussion if you are able.

December 7th.
Please arrive in time to be ready for warm up at 6.30. Warm up rooms will be sent out in a general email (added later – for us, it’s the Chapel). If you are in more than 1 band, feel free to warm up with whichever band you think needs you!
Please bring a plate of finger food for the reception. Leave it in the kitchen as you arrive.
Dress…full black with a touch of festive colours.
Star Wars

Saints’ Hallelujah

Cheers, AB and GT