Week 10 update for March 29, 2018

This Week’s Rehearsal

Angela announced that at our spring concert we will be playing Fanfare for the Common Man followed by Summertime and, for our finale, John Williams: Movie Adventures. 
For our community concert in addition to these pieces we will be playing Celebrating My Three Best FriendsAngelWest Side Story, You Must Know, Balladair, Sweetheart Tree, Edelweiss, Earth Wind and Fire, and French Canadian Suite.  Angela emphasized that for people who are new to the Capital Crescendoes this session, and feel there is a lot of music to learn from the fall term, don’t worry about playing it all perfectly.  Do what you can.  Try for the downbeat in each bar or “just pretend”. The most important part is to have fun.  

For the spring concert, Angela would like someone from the band to introduce each of the three pieces we’ll be playing.  This involves doing a Google search, finding some fun facts about the piece and at the concert while the percussion is getting set up introducing the piece.  If you would be interested in introducing a piece, please let Angela (a.blackwell@rogers.com) know.  We’ll also need people to introduce our pieces at the community concert.

We started our rehearsal with Balladair.  If you are playing whole notes, remember to play them then get out of the way. Those with eighth notes should play out. Next we turned to Celebrating My Three Best Friends, which Angela will conduct in 1 (one beat to the bar) rather than 3/4.  There will not be a ritardando at the end. Pay attention to the dynamics.  We then played all three movements of French Canadian Suite.  In the third movement, we all have a rest at bar 17. Angela added a crescendo from bar 22 to 26, with a dynamic marking of mf at the end.  Next we played Angel.  Note at bar 57 instruments come in on beats one, two and three.  The first group is pp with the second and third groups adding a big crescendo. You Must Know was next.  At the community concert we’ll play the whole piece and not truncate it.  The metronome marking for this piece is ♩=132. We then worked on West Side Story.  At bar 17 be ready for the change in tempo, especially those playing the staccato quarter notes. Lastly we played Earth, Wind and Fire.  Change the dynamic marking at bar 33 to mf. The metronome marking is ♩=108.

Next Rehearsal (from Angela)

As this is our dress rehearsal in the sanctuary we will have a bit of a change in our normal set up. Here are some things you need to know:
1. We could use a couple of extra strong bodies to help move the choir risers out of the way so we can get the percussion up the ramp.
2. Please set up your stuff in the pews. Do NOT come onto the ‘stage’ until given the all clear. We will be messing around with setting up the chairs so they fit comfortably and we need to keep people out of the way of the chairs and percussion.
3. First half: We will be rehearsing the concert pieces in order. (Fanfare, Summertime, John Williams.)
4. Second half: We will be rehearsing the Embassy West pieces. Please put your music in order as follows, keeping the 3 concert pieces at the front of your folder until after the 15th.
Celebrating my 3 Best Friends
You Must Know
French Canadian Suite
Earth, Wind and Fire
West Side Story
Sweetheart Tree
John Williams
5. Please be patient! While we will be aiming for a 12.45 downbeat, we can’t guarantee it!


One of our members, Gail, is missing her copy of Tradition of Excellence book 2 for flute.  If you happened to pick it up, could you please let Gail know.
Our end of session community concert will take place at Embassy West Senior Living centre at 1400 Carling Avenue, near Kirkwood.  More information on this concert will be provided in a future email.

While everyone has indicated they are able to participate in the spring concert, should your circumstances change, please let both Angela and Leslie know as soon as possible.

Thank you to everyone who signed up to bring cookies and juice and help at the spring concert.

Important Dates

Thursday April 5:  “Dress” rehearsal in the Sanctuary
Sunday April 15 at 2:00 at Woodroffe United Church:  ONHB spring concert
Thursday April 19 at 1:30:  Community concert at Embassy West Senior Living centre
Listening Links

Fanfare for the Common Man
The Sweetheart Tree
Celebrating My Three Best Friends
West Side Story
You Must Know
Balladair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xcd80TvYFwM
Edelweiss (truncated) https://www.rundel.de/en/broadway_favorites/a-154/6142
Earth, Wind and Fire Dance Mix:
French Canadian Suite – not available