Week 1 update from January 18, 2018

Greetings Capital Crescendos,
Welcome back to band.  As you have no doubt heard, Sheila is off this session having a knee replaced and conductor duties will be shared between our low brass clinician Heather Flinn and our clarinet clinician and Rideau Cadences band leader Angela Blackwell.  Heather will be doing the first six weeks and Angela will be doing the second six weeks. Both will have their own repertoire. If you have any musical suggestions for Angela for the second half of our session, be sure to let her know (a.blackwell@rogers.com)

Theme of the Week: Getting back into the rhythm of practising.  Before you start practising, take time to warm up.  Work on those long notes and focus on tone.
We are into winter weather.  Remember to take your boots off in the entrance way to avoid tracking in snow and mud. Bring a pair of comfortable indoor shoes, slippers are fine, to wear inside the building.

If you can’t make it to a practice, drop Leslie a quick email (lesliescott789@gmail.com) and she’ll let Heather and Angela know. 

Anyone missing music should speak with Charlotte (flute), our very organized music librarian.

We will be placing an order for ONHB band shirts in the next couple of weeks.  There will be samples of the three styles and various sizes available at band next week. Cotton T-shirts are available at $20, polyester golf shirts cost $35 and cotton golf shirts cost $45. Give your order to Leslie with either cash or a cheque. 

Back by popular demand are snacks at break time.  If you feel like bringing something to share with your fellow bandmates, that would be great.

Name tags are available and we should all make a point of wearing one.  (Survey says…we need name tags.)  Just take a card, print your name on it and put it in a plastic name card holder.  Those who have a plastic holder from previous sessions, please bring it with you next week.


Following band next week, we’ll be heading to Kristy’s Restaurant at 809 Richmond Road for some refreshments.  This is a great way to get to know the people who play those other instruments.

This Week’s Rehearsal

Following our clinics we sightread The Thunderer, a stirring march by Sousa.  Heather had us return the music to her and she’ll redistribute copies of it next week. We then played the first two movements of Three Folk Miniatures.  The second movement Isabeau s’y promise is in 6/8 time, which Heather will be taking in 2, except for bar 36, which will be in 6/8 time. Lastly we worked on Earth, Wind & Fire Dance Mix.  Music was also distributed for Balladair and John Williams: Movie Adventures.
Next Week
Sectionals will be held again next week during the first hour.

Beginning of each rehearsal should include any of the excellent warm-ups your clinician has given you. Follow this with a detailed TUNING as being in tune is your responsibility and is essential to the great sound of the band. Consider getting a digital tuner of some sort that you can clip onto your instrument such as a SNARK ($30 approx.)  or download a tuning app onto your smart phone (lots of free ones -try BOSS tuner, or CLEARTUNE, or my favourite iStroboSoft). Have a pencil close by at all times and make lots of notations on your page that will help you to remember directions and information and interpretations given out by your clinicians or conductor.
Here are some quick notes about our new repertoire….
THE THUNDERER – we will have copies for you this week to keep and mark up.
You should search out a couple of performances and listen carefully for the stylistic features that make Sousa marches so identifiable.
3 FOLK MINIATURES – look for markings, dynamics and phrasing as you work on the notes. Watch for the 7/8 bar  = 2eighths + 2eighths + 3eighths – think of it as a bar of three but the last beat is one eighth note longer than usual.
EARTH WIND and FIRE – work on those crazy syncopated rhythms – use a pencil to mark in where the beats fall on really tough syncopated bars.
JOHN WILLIAMS – just play over the notes and look for things like repeats and tempo changes and key changes and pauses  – and maybe watch one of the movies or listen to the original soundtrack – often the Fabulous London Symphony.

Important Dates
Thursday January 25 at 3:15 at Kristy’s on Richmond Road:  Our first social of the session
Thursday March 15: No band rehearsal, March break
Sunday April 15 at about 2:00 at Woodroffe United Church:  Our spring concert

Listening Links
Earth, Wind and Fire Dance Mix: 
John Williams: Movie Adventures: 
Three Folk Miniatures:  

The Thunderer:

The Thunderer: