Week 1 Rideau Cadences

Thank you for a really good first rehearsal for this new term. Thanks also for making the location change work easily.  Hopefully we are back at Brookfield this week, but please watch for any updates on that front.For those of you who were still enjoying some travel; here is what we worked on. We look forward to seeing everyone back this week.

An arrangement of a Percy Grainger chorale- Horkstow Grange (these were distributed at practice)Salvation is Created (Housenecht arrangement) Here is a performance by a French Horn Choir which is pretty awesome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2rhclqvS-U and here is a choral performance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8Wwd4dSZJg (Canadian male choir Chor Leoni)This is a performance work, but is also great for working on as a warmup, working toward really good blend and ensemble playing.

We Read through these pieces quite successfully:


Into the Hills

Selections from Les Mis…we didn’t quite get to the end.  This is a challenging arrangement which has some pretty high parts for many instruments.  We will tackle this by section.

Highlights from Brave

There will be two new selections on the dropbox site (most likely over the weekend) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mxt51cjbdobxxu7/AAC6Cj8hKmX2KVOtA-XyYGRxa?dl=0Slavonic Dances and Folk Song Suite (Ralph Vaughan Williams) Please print your parts.

This week we will be spending the second hour in sectionals with clinicians. These are set up to help you with technical challenges of your instrument (and of course the music we are playing)

    RM #
Flutes/Oboe: Diana Lam 110
Clarinets: Megan Driscoll 114
Saxes/Bassoon: Brian Driscoll 115
Trumpet: Nicole Stanson 143
Low Brass and Horns Colin Williamson Staff Room
Percussion Patrick Lynch Stage

For this week’s rehearsal we will work on Into the Hills (up to about measure 70), read at least some of Come Down Rain and look at the opening of the Slavonic Dances (up to measure 60)

If there is time we will work on Encanto

We will work on Salvation is Created in the warmup time.

Please refrain from wearing scented products to rehearsals and please avoid applying hand lotions or sanitizers in the rehearsal space. Some members have serious sensitivities to these which affect breathing.

We will have a couple of new people joining us this week.  Please remember to continue to spread the word that we are looking for a few more instruments to fill out the band’s instrumentation.

(Bari Sax, Bass Clarinet, at least one more trombone and at least one more percussionist, we would also like to add a few more flutes and clarinets)