Two Beats Ahead Rehearsal Notes – October 18

Yup, the band is indeed improving at every rehearsal. Just wanted to commend each band member’s individual work on difficult charts such as Fowl Play and Higher Ground. It sure is starting to groove in a convincing way!

Some opportunity dates to share and discuss with you:

  • December 10th is our Holiday concert:
    • The repertoire selected for the concert is (unless my memory fails from our discussion on Monday. Let me know if innacurate):
      • Fowl Play
      • A Trip to Loretto
      • Tribute to Miles
      • Fool Me Once
  • March 2 or March 3 2018: Capital Region MusicFest – Jazz Weekend:
    • The cost for this event is $200 for the band, so roughly $10 per person. It includes, a performance of 3 selections of contrasting style, a recording of the performance, a recording of a mic adjudication and a 25-minute clinic with one of the adjudicators.
    • For a little extra, you’ll be able to purchase a group photo of the band: A serious one and a funny one (I’m thinking that everyone should bring a pair of knitting needles, old spectacles and a granny’s bonnet for that one…lol!)
    • For those who never experienced CRMF, trust me! It’s loads of fun and learning. Well worth your $10.
  • Between April 17 and 21: A joint concert with the Nepean All-City Lab Band!
    • This one would allow the band to play full 45-50 minute-set, which I have no doubt, we will have prepared by that date!
    • There might also an oppporunity for both bands to play a fun tune at the end of the concert. More info later on!
  • April 28 in the evening: Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind Fund Raising Event (See Carol’s email, sent on Oct 17)
    • This event will give us the opportunity to perform all of the band’s repertoire as we will play all night long!

Next week will mark the beginning of our mini-sectional rehearsal series, featuring Trombones. For these events, try to arrive at around 6:15, so that we can have a full and hard working 30 minutes before the full band at 7pm.

Once the sectionals are done, my good friend and mentor, Neil Yorke-Slader, will be giving a full hour clinic to the band and answer questions about CRMF on Monday evening, November 20th.

Dates/Sections of the Mini-Sectional Series:

  • October 23 – Trombones
  • October 30 – Trumpets
  • November 6 – Rhythm section
  • November 13 – Saxophones
  • November 20 – Neil’s Clinic

See you all on the 23rd!