Tempos for fall repertoire & a breathing technique

Here are tempo ranges for the tunes we’re currently working on. Remember to practice slowly, under-tempo, until your parts feel secure (but also try them up to tempo once in a while before you think you’re ready, because we also tend to underestimate ourselves and/or just want to stay comfortable).

All tempo ranges given below are for the quarter note (i.e., number of quarter notes per minute).

  • Don’t Stop Believin’: 116-120
  • Edelweiss: 96-104
  • In the Bleak Midwinter: 80-92
  • Linus and Lucy: 120-132
  • Oye Como Va (for next session): 120-126
  • Three Chorales: 69-76

(No metronome? There are many online, such as this one: https://www.metronomeonline.com/)

Kapalabhati breathing practice

In case you might find it useful, here’s a video tutorial about a breathing technique I use at the beginning of each practice session. It reminds me how to breathe actively, with lots of energy, and use my abdominal muscles to support the movement of air; it also helps me wake up (I usually practice first thing in the morning) and focus. If this is new to you, and you decide to try it, be sure to begin gently, for only a few breaths at a time, and make sure to be seated. (Please note that this technique is not recommended for those suffering from heart conditions, high blood pressure, vertigo, epilepsy, stroke, hernia, or gastric ulcer.)