TBA Rehearsal Note Oct. 2

  • Warm welcome to Tiit Romet, who magically appeared in the trombone section at the rehearsal on Monday. Now we have a balanced band!
  • Hard work on Monday fellows! The band is getting more balanced and tighter rhythmically! Very mature sound overall!
  • In two weeks, remind me to talk about the “Bite” of section shots during background events.
  • I decided to purchase FOOL ME ONCE online. It’s been made available to band members via email.
  • For this week, please work on the following:
    • Fowl Play
    • A Trip to Loreto
    • Tribute to Miles
    • Higher Ground
    • Fool Me Once (if you have a printer…)
  • And also review:
    • Softly as in the Morning Sunrise
    • Chicks Dig it!
    • A Child is Born
  • Important Reminder: No band rehearsal next week!
  • Attention! The Trombones’ sectional rehearsal is rescheduled to October the 23rd as I have a meeting until 6:30pm!!

The post-rehearsal Macrame sessions are quite inspiring to many of us!  Mark even did some research to enhance his skills: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MINxaUKPmzs

Enjoy your week and Happy Thanksgiving!