Songs of Earth and Beyond (week 1)

Great job everyone!

This is going to be a learning experience for all of us, so on the first week we practiced listening to the pieces at full speed and following along in the music. You may need to practice this a few times on your own to get used to listening to MP3s while playing. That is perfectly fine! These links are available on the website.

Next week we will be doing the following (concentrating on learning rhythms):

Wings of Mercury (mm 14-32)

Amber Moon (5-21)

Star Wars (1-21)

We will likely do some run throughs of the pieces at the 70% tempo.

See you Tuesday!


PS if you would like to change your zoom name to include the instrument:

Editing your video screen name to include your instrument
If you wish to do this before the next rehearsal, follow these steps:

– open the Zoom application on your computer/tablet
– click on your profile picture icon (if you haven’t chosen a picture yet, it will display your initials) at top right of screen
– click on My Profile in the drop-down menu
– click on Edit button to the right of your name and simply edit your name as you wish (HINT – keep it short, maybe first name/last initial/instrument)
– don’t forget to click “save changes” just below that!
Otherwise, if the band leader enables this “rename” feature prior to the next rehearsal, follow these easy steps when you join while in the Zoom rehearsal:
– hover your cursor near the top right of your video screen picture
– click on the blue button with the three dots (or the button might be entitled “More”)
– you should see “rename” in the drop-down menu; just click on this and go from there!