Rondos Fall 2019 Listening Links

Here are listening links for all of the pieces with which we’re starting the Fall 2019 session. (The plan still is to narrow the list down from seven to four or five for the performance.) All of these links are to the online music retailer JW Pepper. The links take you to the item page for each piece. To listen to each piece, locate and click on the speaker icon, on the left-hand side of the grey top row of the information panel in the centre of the page (with a little red ‘Currently Viewing’ flag next to it). This will open a media player in a pop-up window. If you click on the speaker icon and nothing happens, make sure that pop-ups are enabled for the page (and, of course, make sure that your computer’s speakers are turned on).

African Alleluia (Wana Baraka) – arr. O’Reilly

Suggested practice tempo: 84 BPM
Goal performance tempo: 104-108 BPM

And Goodnight – Chris Bernotas

Suggested practice tempo: 66 BPM
Goal performance tempo: 76-80 BPM…And-Goodnight/10453079.item#/

Do Re Mi – Rodgers & Hammerstein, arr. Lavender

Suggested practice tempo: 100 BPM
Goal performance tempo: 120-128 BPM

Finale from Symphony No 1 – Brahms, arr. Johnson

Suggested practice tempo: 88 BPM
Goal performance tempo: 104-108 BPM

Mah-na, Mah-na – Vinson

Suggested practice tempo: 116 BPM
Goal performance tempo: 152 BPM

Perfection – arr. Roszell

Suggested practice tempo: 120 BPM
Goal performance tempo: 168-176 BPM

Soul Bossa Nova – Quincy Jones, arr. Vinson

Suggested practice tempo: 120 BPM
Goal performance tempo: 132-138 BPM