Rondos April concert repertoire & tempos

Thanks for a productive rehearsal tonight, and thanks again for being willing to stay late to get through all the tunes. I appreciate your dedication, concentration, and stamina. The good news is, you’re going to be brilliant in April’s concert! The bad news is, we’ll have to limit ourselves to four tunes on the programme (out of the six we’ve been working on), to stay within our allotted time. My picks would be (in concert order): And I Love Her, Allegretto, How to Train Your Dragon, and Oye Como Va. I think this makes a well-balanced programme and shows what the group can do.
The tempos and performance times are listed below; we played almost all of them at concert tempo tonight.
And I Love Her
Tempo – 112
Time – 2:50
Everyone: when you have long notes (e.g., whole notes), make them a little quieter once you’ve landed on them
Clarinets: double-check your rhythm at 25-33
Today’s tempo – 69
Goal tempo – 76
Time – I missed this one
How to Train Your Dragon
Tempos – beginning: 84 (we played it at 76 tonight); measure 9: 104; measure 36: still 104; measure 47: 132; measure 80-end: 112
Time – 5:05
Oye Como Va
Tempo – 132
Time – 2:25
Tunes to drop from the concert programme … ?:
Visions of Aranjuez
Tempo – 72
Time – 3:22
Mah-na, Mah-na
Tempo – 138
Time – 2:36