Reminders for Concert Sunday April 9 at 3 pm

Hi all – Here are some reminders for the ONHB concert Sunday April 9 at 3 pm:
  • our warm-up room is Room 7 (up the short flight of stairs past the bathrooms)
  • arrive any time after 2 (and before 3).  Due to sound carrying, please do not warm up once the concert starts
  • there’s usually a short pause in the concert between the concert bands and the jazz bands.  Since there’s a long wait until we play, you may want to use that interval to blow into your instrument a bit.  Two Beats Ahead’s warm-up room is the Chapel (right across from door to the Sanctuary on stage right (house left).  Perhaps that may be a spot for a quick tootle.
  • dress is black ONHB shirt or black top, black pants and white accents
  • please bring bite-size, ready-to-eat snacks or drinks and drop them off in the kitchen after 2
  • if you or a family member can volunteer in the kitchen either before or after the concert, please email Jackie Scheffel
  • leave valuables/hand bags with an audience member or in your car
  • remember, if you’re not playing the tune, play softly enough so that the tune can be heard.
Happy tootling.  See you Sunday!