Reminder Notes

Don’t forget –  registration is open for returning ONHB musicians. Registration opens to new members on Dec 11, so do not delay if you wish to return!

Gentle reminder:

When the weather is wet and snowy, please leave wet footwear outside the rehearsal space (by the coat rack in the staff room, or the hall. slip into comfy slippers or shoes for rehearsal. There is a new custodian lead hand starting this week, and we want to keep our relationship positive with Brookfield HS!

Concert overview and reminders:

Please plan to carpool with at least 2 per car.  Some spots may open up after the concert bands and refreshments (3:30 – 4 pm), but JJB is warming up on stage as soon as set up is finished.  Please meet in the music room and get your instrument warmed up.  It will be busy there, as a concert band may be coming in to pack up.

Here is the order, and approximate time that each band will be on stage:

Concert Bands: 1-3 pm

BB –  1pm  Warm up 12 pm in Rm 142 and leave cases and coats, warm up on stage when called by Felicia (maybe 12:15?)

RR  – 1:20. Warm up 12:20  Rm154

CC –  1:40.  Warm up 12:20 library

EE –  2 pm   Warm up 12:45 Rm110+112 or library?

RC – 2:20 pm Warm up library 1:30


Jazz Bands: 4–5  pm

JJB – 4 pm Warm up 3:20 stage (leave cases and coats in the staff room along the side walls, warm up and tune at 3 in the staff room. DO NOT leave valuables – car keys in pocket of coat or purses/back packs. Best to wear a small cross-over purse for the concert or leave your valuables at home.

DJB – 4:20  Warm up 3:30 Rm 154

TBA – 4:40  Warm up 3:40  Rm 114

Tear down from 5:15-5:45. Building closes at 6 pm.

Rehearsing the week prior to the concert:

Main tip:  practice in short sessions of no more than 40 minutes per half day.  If you strain your embouchure by over-practicing, you may not be able to play for several days after.

Remember to practice the hard bits slowly, and then practice up to tempo, perhaps along with the listening links from the previous band notes in early November.

Take a break from practicing to watch this:

Ain’t Misbehavin’  (as performed in the comedy “Stormy Weather” 1943 – note the percussion, and what may be the first break dancing on film –

(of course, we are taking it a tad faster!)


Remember, your best is good enough! Time to have some fun!