Rehearsal Notes Week 11, November 28, 2017

Hello Bytown Musicians,

Reminders:  Registration is announced for December 11 on our website.  However, it is open for returning ONHB musicians, so we encourage you to register now if you wish to return for the winter session, starting Tuesday, January 16. If you have any questions, please ask us Tuesday, in the second half of rehearsal.

Tuesday, Dec. 5 is our dress rehearsal.

6:00 – stage crew and percussionists do set up on stage

6:30 – warm up, tuning, run-through of pieces on stage

7:30 – refreshments in staff room

7:45 – polishing pieces in the music room, 152

Concert Date:  December 10 at Brookfield HS  2 pm (BBB will warm up on stage from 1 pm sharp – 1:20, and set up volunteers will be needed at 12:30) 

Dress code for our concert on Dec. 10:  Black tops and bottoms, with a splash of green/red festive colour (tie, bow, scarf, hair accessory, jewelry….)

Bytown Beginners may leave cases, coats and boots may be left in the staff room.  Please do NOT leave valuables,but keep money and smaller instruments with you in the auditorium/ on stage

Refreshments for family, friends and musicians will be served in the lobby following the concert.  You are all invited to donate either a finger food (cheese, crackers, fruit, cookies, squares…nothing requiring a plate or utensils,please) or bottle of juice/sparkling water/ etc  for the reception.  We will provide cups and serviettes.Thank you to those of you who volunteered to help with the set up.  We will have more info at rehearsal, and a sign-up sheet for setting out refreshments and clean up.

Ogopogo:  Expressive playing is key!  Focus on playing the dynamics and shaping the notes with a crescendo (gradually louder) or diminuendo (gradually softer) with a steady tone.

Autumn:  Continue to focus on achieving a light, detached (staccato) articulation at a steady, slow tempo. Play slurs only where they are marked; some eighth note pairs are slurred and others are articulated.

Big Raven:   Focus on dynamics  (p,mp, mf, f, ff, and crescendo, diminuendo) and attention to the articulations: staccato (short, detached notes) and tenuto ( the line indicates to play the note for the full value with extra weight.  This piece is really coming together!

Twist and Shout   In a rock piece, any sound made next to silence (beginning, end, beside rests) needs to be strong!  Accents make the piece! Keep eighth notes steady.