rehearsal notes week 10- nov 21

Hello Bytown Musicians,

Another great rehearsal! We played all of our pieces at tempo and with some dynamics this week, and we also played the new French Christmas traditional piece “Chant de Noel”.  We have two more rehearsals before the December 10 concert at Brookfield HS, and we will be ready! All of you, but especially those who are new to playing an instrument and reading music, should be very proud of your progress.  No matter where you are on the continuum of learning, remember that your best is good enough! Every musician throughout history started with the first note.

Remember that regular practice, like regular exercise, works best. Sit tall, and roll the tension out of your shoulders before starting. Yoga breath right down to the chair, then push out and down for support from below, while your shoulders stay low, rolled back and relaxed.  This week’s focus:  playing softly with good tone “piano” p   (softly), especially at the beginning of a crescendo (gradually, incrementally louder). Google “how to play softly on (name of your instrument)  example flute:

“flute teacher”    ( series of tutorials!)

Dress code for our concert on Dec. 10:  Black tops and bottoms, with a splash of green/red festive colour (tie, bow, scarf, hair accessory, jewelry….)

Stage crew volunteers will practice set up at 6 pm next week.  Please email Felicia if you wish to volunteer.

Guided practice sessions have been rescheduled for next Wednesday, Nov. 29 at 1:30 or 6:30 pm.  Sign up by email this week if you wish to get some practice tips and meet some fellow beginners.  Please email Cathy (use subject line so that I can find your email and include you: Guided Practice November 29) if you plan to attend, and include your preferred time and instrument at


This week we read: EE 34, 43 (keep your column of air support),44, 49, and 52 (lines i, ii, and iv), as well as the Concert Bb scale line 147 ( a major scale has 8 notes, and the 8th is double the frequency of the 1st note, or tonic – so they have the same note name)

For next week, practice: previous lines that you enjoy, plus review warm up 52, 34, 38, 43, 44 (with an upbeat – anacrusis- pick up), 49, 50 (clap), 51, 54       (36, 39 and 45 are extra challenging… try them if you enjoy a challenge).

It is important to listen to the links  for each piece:   Try playing along.  Don’t worry if you don’t play all the notes. Remember – your best is good enough!

Ogopogo:  We are playing with great expression and following the conductor!

Autumn:  Continue to focus on achieving a light, detached (staccato) articulation.

Big Raven:   Focus on dynamics  (p,mp, mf, f, ff, and crescendo, diminuendo) and attention to the articulations: staccato (short, detached notes) and tenuto ( the line indicates to play the note for the full value with extra weight.  This piece is really coming together!

Twist and Shout   In a rock piece, any sound made next to silence (beginning, end, beside rests) needs to be strong!  Accents make the piece!


Nov. 22 Guided Practice is Cancelled at 1:30 or 6:30 pm

November 28:  rehearse on stage for full rehearsal! Stage crew volunteers will practice set up at 6 pm.

Wednesday, November 29 1:30 or 6:30 pm Special “basic music reading and how-to-practice” optional session for beginners and people new to their instrument:   Please email Cathy if you plan to attend, and include your preferred time and instrument, subject line Guided Practice November 29

Dec. 5  Social event:  Dinner at Broadway Bar and Grill 4:15 – 5:45 (fast service for those coming late from work)

December 5  Dress rehearsal:  on stage from 6:30 – 7:30, then in music room second half. Stage crew volunteers will practice set up at 6 pm.

Concert Date:  December 10 at Brookfield HS  2 pm (BBB will warm up on stage at 1 pm, and set up volunteers will be needed at 12:30)  Dress code:  Black tops and bottoms, with a splash of green/red festive colour

Spring concert: April 15 … save the date for our Sunday afternoon concert at Woodroffe United Church!


  1. Autumn Antonio Vivaldi (arr Douglas Wagner – the version that we will play a fast and lively allegro)

  1. Big Raven Vince Gassi (Toronto composer – inspired by the paintings of Emily Carr, the sounds of the forest, and legends surrounding the Raven)

  1. Ogopogo(Legendary Lake Creature of Okanagan Valley, BC)  Robert Buckley (Canadian)

  1. Twist and Shout