Rehearsal Notes October 15- October 22

Hello Musicians,

A great third rehearsal!
During clinics, we worked on the swing pieces, as well as exploring rhythms and technical aspects of the Latin piece “Into the Sun” and ballad “Round Midnight”.
In the second half, we played through most of Ain’t Misbehavin’, Into the Sun, Moondance and ‘Round Midnight.
This Monday, October 22, we have a full two hour rehearsal. In preparation:
– load and open the interactive practice studio on your computer, by going to this link: .
Use the code on the inside back cover of your book for access.
– read and play pages 2-3 (Major scale), and observe the degrees of the scale… basically thinking of each note in the 8 note scale as a number.  This way of thinking is so helpful in thinking of chords, and improvisation.
-pieces for this week:
So What (Dave will demonstrate a two note solo, then there will be an opportunity for brave two note soloists to try it out)
(Art kit, Kate xylo)
Stay Cool (run through, focus on beginning and ending)
(Art- kit, Kate – Xylo or shaker)
Moondance (run through, focus measures  16 – 20, m 27, 28 (drum kit rhythm with band),  m 32 mark the rest (silence in all parts), m 36 sfz, solo rhythms m 61 – 76 and ending.
(saxes keep working on  m 77- 85 for October 29 clinic with Zac.)
(Kate -kit,  Art stick snap on beat 4, switch  to cymbals at m 27?)
Into the Sun
(Kate kit, Art – cabassa  switch to congas?)
Ain’t Misbehavin’  (run through if time permits)
See you Monday!
Here are Listening Links again.  Remember, listening is practicing!

So What (Miles Davis arr Sweeney)


Aint’ Misbehavin’  (Thomas “Fats” Waller arr Ford) (piano solo)


Moondance (Van Morrison arr Lopez)


Stay Cool (Vince Gassi)


Into the Sun (Sorenson) last piece (Latin – reggae) from the book we used in January (purple and black- Standards of Excellence for Jazz (Pearson and Sorenson)


Round Midnight  (Cootie Williams and Thelonius Monk  arr Smukal) *tenor sax solo