Rehearsal Notes – Oct. 30th

Greetings Band mates!

This band is “happening” as they say in the Jazzy jargon! Once again, fine work tightening the charts in preparation for the concert. On the subject of Jazz improvisation, the following concepts were discussed:

  • Advice to improve the connection of your improvised solo?
    • Memorize the head melody! Easy and helpful!
    • Connect your playing with the tempo and melodic/rhythmic style of the chart.
    • Use space to allow “discussion” with the rhythmic section accompanying you
    • For even better results, try to sit down and transcribe solos from the provided recordings. This one is harder but it is also the very best way of quickly developing motif vocabulary.


We are officially registered to perform at the annual Capital Region MusicFest. The dates are March 2 or 3, 2018. We are required to perform 3 pieces of contrasting style, one of them being a ballad. No worries, as we’ll have plenty to choose from! This one will require a $10 from each member of the band. If I could get your contribution next week. That would be awesome!

Next Monday, November 6 will feature the Rhythm Section’s sectional. Once again, please show up at around 6:15pm, so that we can start at around 6:20ish for a full, intense and fun 30 minutes!

Have a great weekend everyone!