Rehearsal Notes – November 13, 2017

Greetings Band Mates!

We are lining things up and the band is getting tighter every week, thanks to your work ethic and deep care for your craft! It’s such a real pleasure to work with a band with a consistent positive attitude. It makes all the difference in the world!

So, next week will feature the visit of the mighty Neil Yorke-Slader. Most of my training for Jazz Band education comes from Neil. I truly believe that he is one of the most dominant Jazz educators in our country.

He does have high expectations but his true magic comes from the fact that he knows a vast array of tips to help you in getting there. His motto is “Don’t work harder, work smarter!” and, of course I can’t agree more!

If we could make an effort to arrive in the band room 20 minutes before 7pm, we would certainly maximize his time with us. For those who never had the opportunity of working with Neil, believe me, he’s worth the effort!

Please have a look at the two new charts: Mr. Funky Man and Frank Mantooth arrangement of On Green Dolphin Street. If we have time during Neil’s hour, we’ll use one of them during the clinic.

I wish you all fine week and we’ll see you all next Monday. Getting excited about Dec. 10??

PS: Good news, Richard is coming back next week! Good dude!