Rehearsal Notes from October 1

Hello JJB Musicians,
You are sounding great, and it is only our second rehearsal together!  I hope you enjoyed your first clinics with Rocco, Zac, Keith, (lucky us – Ivan and David greatly assisted as volunteers).  We made a lot of progress on those tricky rhythms and articulations.  In jazz, it is all about HOW you play the notes (articulations and feeling), and WHEN (timing, rhythm) – not necessarily which note you play!  Of course, the harmonies will sound amazing if we get the correct pitches under our fingers as well.  We still have 10 rehearsals.  Please mark Tuesday, November 13th on your calendar as the make-up rehearsal for Sept. 24. Also mark November 26, when we will have a special guest leader.
When we return to Brookfield on Oct. 15. you will meet in the same rooms with the same clinicians for your second clinic.
There is no rehearsal next week (October 8 – Thanksgiving Monday schools are closed), You may want to contact friend(s) to arrange a practice session together in your homes, as this is a lot of fun and everyone benefits.
Happy Thanksgiving long weekend!